KIALI-SECURITY-002 - Authentication bypass when using the OpenID login strategy


A vulnerability was found in Kiali allowing an attacker to bypass the authentication mechanism. The vulnerability lets an attacker build forged credentials and use them to gain unauthorized access to Kiali.

Kiali users are exposed to this vulnerability if all the following conditions are met:

  • Kiali is setup with the openid authentication strategy.
  • As a result of configurations in both Kiali and your OpenID server, Kiali uses the implicit flow of the OpenID specification to negotiate authentication.
  • Kiali is setup with RBAC turned off.

This vulnerability is filed as CVE-2021-20278


If you can update:

  • Update to Kiali v1.31.0 or later.
  • If you need an earlier version, only Kiali 1.26.3 and 1.29.2 are fixed.

If you are locked with an older version of Kiali, you have three options:

  • Configure Kiali to use the authorization code flow of the OpenID specification; or
  • Configure Kiali to use the implicit flow of the OpenID specification and enable RBAC; or
  • Configure Kiali to use any of the other available authentication mechanisms.